Dec. 15, 2022

Red Pen Logic with Mr. B

As a Christian, are you tired of feeling defeated and overwhelmed with challenges and objectives to Christianity, God’s existence, and pro-life positions? Do you find yourself closing your social media app discouraged after seeing an argument against your religious or moral positions that you can’t answer?
Go no further! For this episode, Stand to Reason’s Tim Barnett will be with us talking about his online ministry, Red Pen Logic, and how it can help you answer these challenges for yourself by helping you assess bad thinking by using good thinking (plus, they try to have some fun in the process). Then, he will demonstrate what Red Pen Logic is all about by responding to tweets!

About our guest (0:30)
What is Red Pen Logic? (8:00)
Responding to some tweets! (17:04)
Tweet #1 (17:21)
Tweet #2 (24:00)
Tweet #3 (26:41)
Tweet #4 (33:45) 
Why Christians shouldn’t be intimidated (37:43)
Encouragement for leaders in the church (39:09)

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