Jan. 20, 2022

Paul: Founder of Christianity or Follower of Jesus?

Many might be surprised to hear that there is a lot of debate surrounding the messages of Jesus and Paul. Some scholars will attest that the two messages are at odds with one another. Is this the case? What implications does that have for the Christian faith if it's true? That’s going to be our topic for today, and to discuss it I have Dr. Marvin Pate.

Specifically, in relation to the Apostle Paul, Dr. Pate has written books including The End of the Age Has Come: The Theology of Paul and Apostle of the Last Days. I will leave links in the description below for those who want to check out Dr. Pate’s books.

Check out Dr. Pate's Books below:
The End of the Age Has Come: The Theology of Paul
Apostle of the Last Days: The Life, Letters, and Theology of Paul
40 Questions on the Historical Jesus
Crucified in the Media:  Finding the Real Jesus Amidst the Headlines
The Writings of John

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Marvin PateProfile Photo

Marvin Pate

Author / Professor

Dr. Marvin Pate is a professor for the Pruet School of Christian Studies at Ouachita Baptist University and has authored or co-authored a number of books including The End of the Age Has Come: The Theology of Paul, Crucified in the Media: Finding the Real Jesus amidst the Headlines, and 40 Questions on the Historical Jesus.
Dr. Pate received his M.A from Wheaton College and his Ph.D. from Marquette University.