Oct. 15, 2020

How Does God's Mission Include Women? Part 2

To compliment our last episode, this week we have Kristen Padilla, author of Now That I'm Called, to talk about women in ministry today, the challenges that go into it, and how the church can respond in both a loving and biblically way. 

ANNOUNCEMENT: Upon the release of this episode, Defending Christianity will be taking an interlude until mid-late November. However, be on the lookout for a special highlight release that will summarize our first season so far!!

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Kristen PadillaProfile Photo

Kristen Padilla

Author / Professor / Speaker

Kristen Padilla joined the Beeson Divinity School staff in May 2015 as coordinator of marketing and communication, and now serves as manager of marketing and communication as well as directs Women in Ministry initiatives at Beeson. In her role of marketing and communication, Kristen produces and co-hosts the weekly Beeson podcast and serves as editor of the Beeson magazine. She is the author of Now That I'm Called: A Guide for Women Discerning a Call to Ministry (Zondervan Academic, 2018). Kristen has published two Bible studies and a number of articles.