Professor Kenneth Samples

Philosopher / Theologian

Philosopher and theologian, Kenneth Richard Samples is a senior research scholar at Reasons to Believe. Ken is an experienced educator who has taught courses in philosophy and religion at several schools and is currently an adjunct instructor of apologetics at Biola University. Kenneth seeks to encourage Christians to develop a logically defensible faith and challenges skeptics to engage Christianity at a philosophical worldview level. His books include Christianity Cross-Examined, Classic Christian Thinkers, and God among Sages.

February 04, 2021

FINALE: How Does Islam Differ from Christianity – and Does it Matter?

In our SEASON ONE FINALE, philosopher and theologian, Dr. Kenneth Richard Samples will be joining us to discuss the differences and similarities between Islam and Christianity and why they matter. Dr. Samples has a great pass...

February 04, 2021

BONUS: Dr. Samples on the Importance of Apologetics

In this bonus episode, Dr. Samples discusses the need for Apologetics in the life of Christians as well as within the Church. Season 1 has been amazing, and I hope it has been helpful for you as well. Season 2 is planned to r...