Sept. 17, 2020

Bible Contradictions & the Principle of Charity

Michael Jones is with us to shed some light on questions people have had for years. Why are there contradictions in the Bible? Literally this issue is the reason some don't decide to believe in the authority and integrity of the Bible, so for anyone who has questions about these or had friends with questions about these, you may want to tune in! Also, why are the Gospels order the events in them differently? Does this count as contradicting from one another? How can we rely on their eye witness testimonies? We need answers. Michael Jones provides them.

Also, I apologize for the few times there's some not-so-great quality during the interview as I am back at school and am not able to record in the same setting as in the past! Enjoy! :)


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Michael Jones

Apologist / Philosopher

Michael Jones is the founder and director of the non-profit organization “Inspiring Philosophy,” and is primarily dedicated to research in the fields of philosophy, history, and science to uncover deep philosophical questions relating to the universe and our individual perception of life. He has published a plethora of research work on his YouTube Channel “Inspiring Philosophy” where he compiles and analyzes data for the layman to reach reasonable conclusions to a variety of philosophical quandaries. Some of his most notable work includes his presented research on quantum mechanics and how it points to a theistic worldview, a video series on Genesis 1-11, a defense of the resurrection of Jesus, and videos addressing the problem of evil and hell.